Firm Set Up Guide

Welcome to CosmoLex!

You have joined the thousands of legal professionals who use our state-of-the-art law practice management system.

We know transitioning to a new software can be daunting, so we developed this Onboarding Guide to help you get up and running quickly.


You can download a copy of the Firm Setup Guide for easy offline reference.

Data Migration

Most firms have us migrate their data, but you can also migrate it yourself. For additional information, see How the Data Migration Process Works or contact our Onboarding Specialist at 

System Setup

Manage User Roles

Define your users and decide the areas to which they will (permissions) and will not (restrictions) have access. See Manage User Roles.

Add Users

With your user roles defined, you are ready to add users so they have the appropriate access. See Manage Your Users.

Add Timekeepers and Matter Owners

Timekeepers are those whose time or expenses you want to track, bill, or both. You will also enter the rate for Timekeepers who track time. See Manage Timekeepers.


Your number of active timekeepers cannot exceed your number of users.

Add Matter Owners

You assign each matter to a matter owner. Some firms refer to this owner as the Responsible or Originating Attorney.

This field is used primarily for filtering on reports and fee distribution calculations. 

See Manage Matter Owners.

Program Settings

With the users set up, it is time to familiarize yourself with the system’s settings. Some settings may require your bookkeeper’s or accountant’s guidance.

For additional information, see:

Set Up Bank Accounts

Add your bank accounts to track business and trust transactions.

Manage Your Bank Accounts

CosmoLex also offers bank feed capability, which can be used for your trust, operating, and credit card accounts.

See Link Your Bank Feed.

If your bank is not supported, you can import your transactions to help automate your reconciliations.

See Manage Transactions Received via Bank Feed or Import File.

Set up the Client Portal 

Use the Client Portal to securely share documents, invoices, calendar events, tasks, and notes with your clients, or to direct chat.

For additional information, see:  

To view all client portal articles, see our firm guide landing page

Customize Invoice Templates 

We have a variety of templates from which to choose, all of which you can edit to suit your firm’s needs. 

See our Custom Fields and Pages

Third-Party Apps and Integrations

User Security 

CosmoLex provides you with an extra layer of protection to account logins. The two options for two-factor authentication provided by CosmoLex are:

Set Up Email Forwarding

CosmoLex allows you to forward emails for automated or manual tagging to matters. This helps you archive emails per matter and mark for billing purposes.

See Set Up Email Integration and Permissions.

Sync Office 365 or Google Calendar

We provide a two-way sync between your CosmoLex calendar and your Google or Office 365 calendar. This real-time sync allows for easy tagging to matters for organization and billing purposes.

Enable Document Storage

Use our native storage, or integrate with a document storage app for easy document management.

Request eSignature

You can get you documents signed electronically, if you have integrated with LexShare. See Request eSignature.

Enable Payment Processing

CosmoLexPay is our built-in payment processing app that allows you to process credit cards in-app or your clients can pay online. 

If you are in Canada, or have an existing LawPay account, we provide an integration for that as well.

Clients, Matters, Time & Expenses

Add Clients and Contacts

Add Matters

Create a matter to begin adding time & expense cards, creating invoices, and entering trust transactions.

See Manage Your Matters.

Enter Time & Expenses

Track your time & expenses including firm operating costs.

For additional information, see:

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Updated on August 26, 2022

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