Manage Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

At CosmoLex, we prioritize security for our users. Two-factor authentication is a user security that requires a verification code upon logging in. 

CosmoLex provides two options for two-factor authentication.

  • One-time passcode via SMS
  • Microsoft Authenticator

Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Only Administrator Users have access to the Security setup area, by default. To permit access to other users, you can edit their role under Account > User Management.

  1. If permitted, go to the Setup area. From the left navigation panel, click Security
  2. Beside the Two-Factor Authentication, turn the toggle button ON.

  1. System will open a window, prompting you to select a Two-Factor Authentication Method. 
  2. By default One-Time Passcode via SMS displays in the drop-down menu. Choose the method you would like to enable and click SAVE.

In order to enable One-Time Passcode via SMS, you will need to add a cell phone number for all users. You can do so by editing each user under Account > User Management

Verify Authentication Methods

To verify or change authentication methods for the firm, if permitted go to Setup > Security. You can enable both methods if you choose. 


Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

  • Once a method of two-factor authentication is enabled, when a user logs into CosmoLex, The Two-Step Verification window will open with the instructions to enter a verification code either sent via SMS or via the Microsoft Authenticator App.

  • If you don’t want to repeat this step every time, check the box beside Remember this computer for 30 days.


If the firm has enabled both one-time passcode and Microsoft Authenticator, users will have the option to use a different method as a backup if needed when logging in.

User Not Receiving SMS Codes or Has Changed Their Cell Number

Email with these details: 

  • Firm Name
  • Your Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number where you can be reached
  • Last 4 digits of Credit Card Used to make CosmoLex payments
  • The approximate time you last used CosmoLex

Once we verify your identity, we will send a one-time use code. Use your login, password, and the one-time code to log in.

Updated on November 30, 2021

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