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CosmoLex users using LexShare as their default document storage application can get their documents signed electronically from within CosmoLex.


  • LexShare is currently available only in the US.
  • The integration works with a single LexShare account, so be sure to choose an account accessible to everyone who requires access in your firm.

Learn how to Integrate LexShare with CosmoLex

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Access your Documents

You can access your documents from Matters or Activities.

From Matters

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  2. On the Matters screen, double-click a matter, or single-click it, then from the toolbar, click Details.
  3. From the Matters Details left navigation, click Documents.
    A folder taxonomy displays, with the documents stored in the highlighted folder, if any, listed in the panel to its right.  

From Activities

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Activities.
  2. From the Activities left navigation, click Documents.
    A folder taxonomy displays, with the documents stored in the highlighted folder, if any, listed in the panel to its right.  

Request Signature

  1. From the document folder, click on the document you wish to get signed.

    You will be able to Request Signature for PDF, DOC, and DOCX file types only.

  2. From the toolbar atop the folder page, click Request Signature. 
  3. On the LexShare page that opens, scroll down to Select Template.
  4. From the drop-down, select Custom Template.
  5. From the options to the right of the document that opens, drag the fields and place them where you want them on your file.
    You have multiple options to choose from, including Signature, Initials, Date, Timestamp, Text, Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Signer Attachment.

  6. Once you complete your selection, click Finished.
    You will be directed back to the previous LexShare Prepare documents for e-signature page.

LexShare ‘Prepare documents for e-signature’ Page Fields:

  • The system populates this with your Client’s name.
Who has access
  • This allows you to control who can view the file with this link.
  • From the drop-down, you can choose between Direct Link and Question/Answer.
  • If you select Question/Answer, a drop-down will display a list of questions. Select the question and enter its answer in the field below.

    Only those with the link who know the answer to the question can access these files.

  • This is the custom template you selected in the previous step. 
  • Signer#1: Use the drop-down to select the signer if their name is already in the system, or enter the first and last name of the signer. Below that enter the email id of the signer.
  • If you want the file to be signed by more than one person, you can use the Add new option.
Receive Email
  • You can use the drop-down to Choose a Staff member in your firm who will get notified once the signed document has been uploaded.
  • Use the box to customize your instructions to the recipient of the file. This will display on the email.
  1. After you have completed all the fields, click Prepare Request. If you wish to make changes, click Cancel.
  2. When you click Prepare Request, LexShare will process the action and send an email to the recipient. You can choose to view the request you created on this page. Your client will receive an email with a link to the document in LexShare.
Updated on September 30, 2022

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