Import Timesheets

If your firm has of-counsel or timekeepers without CosmoLex access and you want to import their time entries, you can use our WIPs-Time Import functions.


Use this Excel template to record your time entries for importing. Ensure the corresponding Client-Matter records already exist in CosmoLex prior to importing.

Complete the Excel Import File

  1. Open the Excel file’s Time tab.


    To ensure a successful import, do not change the column or sheet names.

  2. Complete the Matter Identifier values for each row. You must complete all fields except Date, Tax, and Description. If the Date value is left blank, current date will be used for the import.

    You can use either the CosmoLex-assigned Matter ID# or the Matter File #. Whichever you use must apply to all imported items to ensure the import will match data already in CosmoLex.

  3. For the Billing Type column, choose one of these values: Billable, Non-billable, or No Charge.
  4. Enter time in either hours and minutes, such as Billed-Hours = 1 in Hours and Billed-Minutes = 30, or as Total-Billed-Hours in decimals, such as 1.50.

For field character limits and field descriptions, on the bottom left of the Excel file, see the Data Entry Instructions sheet.

Import a Timesheet

To import a timesheet:

  1. Toward the upper right corner of the screen, click the ‘+’ icon.
  2. From the drop-down, click Other > Import Data

The Operations screen opens, displaying: Please select your operation.

  1. Click the radio button for Import Time/Expense (Work in Progress).
  2. In the lower right corner, click Continue.
  3. On the Select the file you want to import screen, click Choose File.
  4. In the browser window, browse to locate the file you want to upload.
  5. Single-click the file.
  6. Click Open.
    The browser window closes, returning you to the previous screen. Your import file’s name populates the Choose File field.

  1. In the lower right corner, click Upload.
  2. Confirm the File has headers checkbox is checked.
  3. Resolve any errors associated with the upload.
  4. Click Complete Import.
    A message displays: Import data has been completed successfully.
  5. In the lower right corner, click Close.

Common Error Resolutions

Use these resolutions to assist with common errors:

Referenced client matter does not exist
  1. Compare the spreadsheet’s Matter Identifier to the matter identifier listed in CosmoLex.
  2. Correct the spreadsheet’s Matter Identifier.
Timekeeper name does not match
  1. Compare the spreadsheet’s Timekeeper value to the Timekeeper values in CosmoLex.
  2. Either correct the spreadsheet, or add the new timekeeper
Invalid values for time
  1. Correct any spreadsheet Time records with non-numeric or invalid values.
Updated on March 11, 2022

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