Matter Billing Log

The matter billing log includes a matter’s fee and expense entries, over a specified period of time.

The reported fees and expenses include:

  • Unbilled
  • Billed
  • Non-billable
  • No Charge
  • On Hold
  • Cost Entries
  • Payments  

The Payments/Receipts section will include only payments applied to the invoice.

The matter billing log report does not include trust transactions or amounts in operating retainers.

Generate a Matter Billing Log

To generate a matter billing log:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  2. In the Matters Screen, either double-click the matter, or single-click the matter to highlight it, then in the toolbar, click Details.
  3. From the Matters Details left navigation, click Billing.
  4. From the Billing screen, click Time/Expense.
  5. The Time/Expense screen opens, displaying a toolbar atop the screen.
  6. From the toolbar atop the Time/Expense screen, click Action > Report – Matter Billing Log.
    The Matter Billing Log screen opens.
  7. From the Statement Date field’s drop-down, click the desired billing date.
  8. From the Format field’s drop-down, click your preferred format (PDF or Excel).
  9. In the Date Range section, use the drop-downs to enter your desired date range.
  10. In the Include section, check the boxes for bill types you wish to include.
  11. In the Print Task/Description section, click the radio button for Only Description, Only Task, or Task & Description.
  12. To Ignore entries less than a specified dollar amount, check the box and enter the dollar amount.
  13. In the Include Cost Entries section, uncheck the box to exclude Cost Entries, if desired. Otherwise, in the Include section, check all boxes for those cost types you want to include.
  14. In the Print Expense/Description section, click the radio button for Only Description, Only Expense, or Expense & Description.
  15. To Ignore entries less than a specified dollar amount, check the box and enter the dollar amount.
  16. Check the box to Group identical soft cost charges for Invoice Printing, if desired.
  17. Check the box to Include Payment Transactions, if desired.
  18. In the lower right corner, click Generate.

The report downloads in your preferred format.

Sample Matter Billing Log

Updated on April 10, 2022

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