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For those who will be entering time or expense entries in CosmoLex, you can create Timekeepers. You can define hourly rates for Timekeepers, and if they charge different rates for different types of work, you can more rates in addition to their default rate.
If your firm doesn’t track time, you will still need to set up timekeepers for tracking expenses. If there is no rate for time involved, you can simply list the rate as $0.00.

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Add Timekeeper

  1. To add a timekeeper, Go to Setup > Timekeeper Tab > Click Add.

Add Timekeeper Screen

Timekeeper Details

  • Name: Enter Timekeeper Name.
  • Title: Choose a Title for the timekeeper. The title dropdown list can be customized under Setup > List Items > On the left-hand side, click on Title
  • Email: Enter Timekeeper’s email address. This is not a requirement when adding a timekeeper.
  • Initials*: This is the timekeeper’s initials and will auto-populate when the timekeeper’s name is entered. These initials will show on invoices next to the work that was done for the client as well as expenses.

Billing Rate Settings

  • Rate: Choose a rate for the timekeeper. This is the default rate.

Advanced Settings – Rate Levels

Rate Settings

  • You can set up to 8 different rate levels for a timekeeper. Once you are done adding your rate levels for the timekeeper under Advanced Settings, Click Save. You will be able to select the rate level you want to use by timekeeper when entering a Timecard for a client as shown below, or across all timekeepers when setting up a new matter.

Add Descriptions to Rate Levels 

This feature allows custom descriptions to be added to a Timekeeper’s rate levels.  Users can view descriptions in the rate levels when creating a matter as well as adding time cards.

  1. Go to Setup Page
  2. Click the List Items section
  3. Click Rate Level Tab
  4. Click the level you wish to change
  5. Click Edit
  6. Add a description
  7. Click Save
You will then see this description when either setting up your rate within the timekeeper or selecting the rate level when adding/editing your matter.

Make a Timekeeper Inactive

  1. Go to Setup > Timekeeper tab > Select the timekeeper > Click Edit
  2. In the Edit Timekeeper window, un-check the active box > Click Save.
  3. The Timekeeper will be moved over to the inactive area under the timekeeper tab.

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Set a default timekeeper for your account

Updated on October 8, 2018

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