Exporting Contacts


You may wish to export your contacts for reporting purposes, as a backup, or to import into a CRM or other contact management tool.

You can access your full contact list under Contacts > Address Book

Custom Contact Export

There is a custom contact export tool which allows you to export a custom contact report to .pdf, excel or csv file formats.


If trying to export as more of a backup file, use the mass data export function listed below

To export your address book, click on the ‘Export’ icon


If looking for a specific list of contacts, you can use the search filters to filter by any criteria first, then export.

Here you will see the following options:

Export Current Page – This will only export the current contact page, which is a max of 50 contacts

Custom Export – This will allow you to select which pages you wish to export 

Apply Current Filters –  Checking this box will take into account any filters already applied to your address book

Print Applied Filters – Checking this box will list the applied filters at the top of the report

Export Format –  Choose PDF (.pdf), Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv). If exporting for reporting purposes only, we suggest .pdf. If exporting for backup or future use, we recommend Excel or CSV.

Report Title – This is the title that will display at the top of the report

Report Description – This is the description that will display at the top of the report, under the title

When complete, click export and the file will download

Exporting a Mass Backup File

If looking to export a mass contact file to either comma-separated or tab-separated formats mainly for backup purposes, or to import into another tool, you can do so under Contacts > Address Book > Action > Export Contacts

In the Export Contacts window, choose either comma-separated (csv) or tab-separated format

When ready, click Export. A file will then download in the format of your choosing

Updated on October 1, 2019

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