Export Your Data

You can export your screen’s data in Excel, CSV, or PDF format from many places in CosmoLex including:

  • Matters
  • Activities
  • Accounting
  • Contacts
  • Setup

You can export your data anywhere in the system where the toolbar includes the Export icon:



The toolbar’s appearance varies throughout the application.

Export Your Data

To export your data:

  1. Use the search filter to refine your results, if desired.
  2. From any screen displaying the Export icon, click Export.
  3. On the Export Grid, in the Export Options section, take the appropriate action:
    • Export Current Page
      1. Click the Export current page radio button.
    • Export Multiple Pages
      1. Click Custom Export.
      2. From the From Page and To Page drop-downs, click your desired page range.
  4.  If you used search filters to refine your results in step #1, leave the Apply current filters and Print Applied Filters boxes checked to retain them in your export, or uncheck them if desired.  
  5. From the Export format field’s drop-down, click Excel, PDF, or CSV format.
  6. In the Report Title field, you can overwrite the default title, if desired.
  7. In the Description field, enter a description, if desired. This will display beneath the Report Title.
  8. Click Export.
    The system downloads your export file in your designated format to your designated location. 

Sample Task List Export

Updated on April 19, 2022

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