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Before you cancel your CosmoLex Account, please consider our complimentary personalized training and dedicated support team. We can help!

It has been a privilege doing business with you. We understand that you do not wish to continue with us. This checklist will guide you through extracting your data from our system. Feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

Important to Know


We strongly recommend you:

  • Extract your data from CosmoLex prior to canceling your account. Once you cancel, you lose data access. If you have already canceled, contact support to arrange temporary data access. 
  • Export your data in an Excel or CSV format so you can copy, update, or import it with ease.
  • Export your financial data (billing and accounting balances) on the same date, preferably at month’s end.

Extract Your Data Through Reports

To extract your data through reports:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Reports.
  2. From the Reports left navigation, click your desired report.
  3. Apply your desired filters.
  4. Click Download.
    The system downloads the report in your preferred format to your designated location.
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 5 for all desired reports.

Extract Your Data Through Screen Toolbar Export

To extract your data through a specific screen’s toolbar export function:

  1. Work with your IT department to confirm the best export format for your needs.
  2. Navigate to your desired screen.
  3. Export your data.

Data Extraction Checklist

This list includes the data sets we recommend you extract and the extraction method we recommend. 

For some firms, this list may not be all-inclusive. Be sure to keep your firm’s future needs in mind.

General Items
  • Address Book
    • Clients, vendors, and other contacts
    • Client List only
  • Setup Items
    • Custom Fields List
    • Document Templates
    • Task Workflows 
    • List Items 
    • Timekeeper/Matter Owner Lists 
  • All Calendar Events 
  • All Tasks 
  • All Notes 
Matter Details
  • Matter List 
    • Be sure you filter Active & Inactive and your export contains all relevant matter fields.
  • Matter-Related Parties
  • Matter Documents
    • If you have stored documents via third party integration, then your documents will remain accessible outside of CosmoLex.

Downloading your general items will include matter-related events, tasks, and notes.

  • Work in Progress (WIP) entries by matter – unbilled time/expense
  • Accounts Receivable (unpaid) balances by matter
  • Unpaid Invoices (Extract to PDF/Word format for Reference)
  • Paid Invoices (Extract to PDF/Word format for Reference)
  • Recent Payment History (transactions)
Trust Accounting
  • List of which matters are linked to which trust accounts
  • Trust Compliance Reports for each bank account and matter. Consult with your bar association/law society to determine how far back to go with these reports.
    • Bank Ledger
    • Receipts & Disbursements Journals
    • Client Ledger Balances
    • Individual Client Trust Ledger
    • Trust Transfer Record (if applicable)
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • 3-Way Reconciliation
  • Any additional compliance reports
Business/General Accounting
  • General Accounting Reports
    • P&L & Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance Report
    • General Ledger Report
    • Accounts Payable Reports
    • 1099 payee ledger
    • Bank Activity Log (prior transactions) exported to Excel or CSV format
    • Reconciliation reports (business account)
    • Advanced Accounting Reports
      • Class-based reporting
      • Fee Collection & Distribution Reports
Other Reporting
  • Review all reports to determine what is relevant to your firm.
  • Generated the reports as of the cut-off date.
Updated on April 19, 2022

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