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Communicate with Clients via Client Portal


In Cosmolex, we have a secure way of communicating with clients via instant messaging via client portal for a matter (Client Chat).
Only permitted users can view and send messages for a matter that has Client Portal Turned On. To learn how to restrict users message access via client portal for a matter, click here.

How to set up Client Chat

To set this up, make sure client portal is turned ON Under Setup > Firm Preferences, and on matter details page > Client Portal Tab.
Once this is done, go to Matter Page > highlight matter
Click Details
Go to Matter details page > Click Client Chat Tab

Here you can type a message to a client and click send.

Using Client Chat from the Client Portal

In client portal, on the right-hand side click message icon as shown below:

At the top right-hand side of the page is a message icon where you can view new messages from the firm.

To send a message, type in the message field and then click Send.

Updated on October 3, 2018

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