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Record an Invoice Payment by Credit Card

Through Integrated Payment

You can use CosmoLexPay or our LawPay integration to process credit card payments.

With these integrations, invoices can be paid:

  • From the CosmoLex application
  • From a link located on the invoice
  • From within our secure client portal

You can pay invoices using a credit card in two places:

  • For a single matter from Matters
  • For single and multiple matters for the same client from Activities

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Access the Integrated Payment Screen

From Matters

In-office credit card payments are processed for one matter at a time through Matter Details.

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  2. On the Matters screen, double-click the matter, or single-click it, then from the toolbar, click Details.
  3. From the Matters Details left navigation, click Billing.
  4. From the tabs atop the Billing screen, click Invoice.
  5. On the Invoice screen, click the invoice to highlight it. If you have trouble locating it, use the Filter panel
  6. From the toolbar atop the screen, click Invoice Payment Using > Integrated Payments.
    The Invoice Payment Using Integrated Payments screen opens.

From Activities

You can apply credit card payments to one matter or multiple matters for a single client.

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Activities.
  2. From the Activities left navigation, click Invoices.
  3. Beneath the toolbar on the Invoices screen, if the Applied Filters field does not display Status = Unpaiduse the Filter panel to select it. 
  4. Select the client invoice by clicking on it. From the toolbar, click Invoice Payment Using > Integrated Payment
    The Invoice Payments screen will display all Matters with unpaid invoices for the client and to the left of the screen, the total unpaid amount. 

Complete the Fields on the Integrated Payment Screen

  1. In the Funds Received From section, confirm the Payor listed.
  2. The Date field will automatically populate with today’s date.
  3. In the Amount field, enter the payment amount. If you wish to pay the total amount, enter that in the field area.
  4. In the Funds Deposited To section, only those operating banks linked with a merchant account will display.
  5. If you have multiple unpaid invoices here, and would like to spread the full amount of the charge across invoices, In the Funds Applied To section, to the far right of the invoice, click the edit pencil icon.
  6. On the Edit Applied Amount screen, in the Applied Amount field, enter the portion of the payment you want to apply to the invoice.
  7. Click Save.
    The Funds Applied To section checks the box beside the invoice and populates the Applied Credit field.
  8. Repeat steps 1 – 7 for the remaining invoices to which you want to apply payment.
  9. Confirm all invoice boxes remain checked.
    In the Summary section, the Payment Received field matches the Amount field in the Funds Received From section. The Applied Amount field displays the portion of the credit card payment applied to the invoices.
  10. In the upper right corner, click Enter Payment.
    The Integrated Payments screen opens.
  11. Leave the radio button for Credit Card selected.
  12. Beneath that, in the Card number field, enter the card number with no dashes or spaces.
  13. From the Expires drop-down, click the applicable month and year.
  14. In the Security code field, enter the card’s three or four-digit CVV code.
  15. Click Charge. (For LawPay users. CosmoLexPay users need to complete the remaining steps.)
  16. If you would like to securely save this card’s information for future payments, check off the box to the left of “Save for future use” (only available with CosmoLexPay).
  17. Confirm the Billing Info Section’s information is accurate.

    Make sure you fill in the email address where you would like the receipt to be delivered.

  18. Click Review at the bottom right.
  19. Confirm the details entered by you are correct.

    If you are using CosmoLexPay and have enabled surcharging, the surcharge amount will show below the Invoice Amount and a Total of both will display.

  20. If satisfied, click Charge. If you wish to make changes, click Cancel.
    The Invoice Payment From New Client message box reads: Invoice payment has been applied.
  21. Click OK.
    The Invoice screen updates with the new invoice balances.

Without Integrated Payment

If you wish to record an invoice payment by credit card and are not using our payment integrations, follow the Record an Invoice Payment process and select Deposit as the type, and Credit Card as the method.

Updated on October 14, 2022

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