Use the Job List

When you complete certain bulk actions such as printing multiple invoices, the option displays to either

  • wait for the system to complete the action or
  • add it to the Job List. 

Jobs you add to the Job List continue their activities in the program while the system completes the download behind the scenes.

The Job List includes all jobs’ statuses, details, and results.


  • Job List is a user specific feature. Each user has their own Job List.
  • The system removes jobs from the Job List 14 days after you run them.

Add to the Job List

When you print multiple invoices in CosmoLex, a prompt displays indicating Generating Document and offers the ability to Add to Job List

Access the Job List

You can find the Job List icon toward the top right of the application.

When you click the icon, a window opens, displaying each job’s details.

Job List Table Columns

The Job List columns and their definitions are:

Type Job Type
Entered on Date and time you entered job
Status Current status (Running, Success, or Failed) 
Message Detailed job status description
Job Detail Which items you emailed or downloaded
Result Either an email confirmation or a link to download your job
Updated on April 12, 2022

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