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Review Your Trust Transactions

You have two options for reviewing your firm’s trust transactions. 

Review Your Trust Transactions

From Accounting

To review trust transactions:

  1.  From the left navigation panel, click Accounting.
  2. From atop the Accounting left navigation, click Bank.
  3. On the Bank screen, double-click the bank account, or single-click it to highlight it, then from the toolbar, click Details.
    The Trust Bank – Transaction screen opens, displaying a transaction list.

From Matter Details

To review trust transactions:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  2. On the Matters screen, dither double-click the matter, or single-click the matter to highlight it, then in the toolbar, click Details.
  3. From Matters Details left navigation, click Banking.
  4. From the tabs atop the Banking screen, click Transactions.
  5. From the Transactions black right navigation, click the magnifying glass icon.
  6. On the Filters screen, from the Bank Type field’s drop-down, click Trust.
  7. From the Bank field’s drop-down, click the applicable trust bank.
  8. Use the remaining fields to specify further criteria, if desired.
    The Transactions screen updates with each criterion you enter.

Updated on March 22, 2022

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