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Link an Event or Task to a Matter

This feature is used when an upcoming event/task is related to a specific matter.
You can add (and link) these events either in the Activities tab, under Calendar or from the Matter Details section.

From Activities Tab

Go to Activities > Calendar (or Tasks)
Click “add” to add an event/task, or “edit” to update a current event/task.
When the event dialogue is open, be sure “Link to matter” is checked, and type in the client/matter name in the field provided

Complete any other necessary fields, then save.
For calendar events, you will see the event marked with a file folder icon when linked to a matter
For tasks, the linked matter will be listed

From Matter Details

On the main matter page, select the matter, then click Matter Details
Go to the Calendar tab for that matter
Click “add” to add an event, or “edit” to update a current event. 
Since you are adding this event/task from within matter details, the “linked to matter” box will already be checked with the matter name entered


Any changes made in Calendar or Task tabs are reflected in both the activities section and matter details section of that matter.

Updated on May 30, 2018

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