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Add, Edit, and View Calendar Events

This feature allows the user to manage events within the application. Users can create an event, invite participants, and also link an event to a matter.
Go to Activities > Calendar
This is your overall calendar containing all of your events as well as those of other user’s calendars you have access to.

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Add a Calendar Event

You can either click Add on the left or click and drag the desired time frame on the calendar
Once the Add Event dialogue appears

Enter the name of the event

Mark event as private if you do not wish for this item to display on your calendar when shared with others. 

Note: Events linked to a matter cannot be private

If you would like to link this event to a matter, select the matter name

“Share via Client Portal” – Check this to share the event with a client.

Choose the billing status of the event (Billable, Unbillable, No Charge, Billed)

Confirm the date & time

Enter the location if necessary

Add a Custom Label to the event

Enter description if necessary

Enter the email address of the attendees you wish to invite

Add reminders if you (and/ or attendees) wish to be notified of the event ahead of time, either by email or popup

Click “save”

Once created, your event will display on your calendar and any invited attendees with be sent an email regarding the event

If linked to a matter, the event will also display in the matter details section of that particular matter.

After a billable event has taken place,  the time and/or expense for this event must be manually entered. You can then change the events billing status to “billed”.

Editing an Event

In Activities click the Calendar tab (or in Matter Details, click the calendar tab)

Click “Edit” or double-click the event you wish to edit.  This will bring you to the “Add Event” screen used to create the event.

Change the requested information

Click “Save”

After the event is completed, it will be listed in the Calendar section of the matter details (picture above) or listed in the Activities section, under the Calendar tab, in its appropriate day & time slot

Invite Attendees

This feature allows you to send invitations to attendees for a particular calendar event.
Begin creating or editing an event in the calendar
In the “Invite Attendees” field, enter any client’s email address of whom you wish to invite to the event, then click Invite. Their email address will then be listed below that field.
To remove an invite, click the ” next to any attendee’s email address.
Click “Save” when finished

View Another User’s Calendar

The administrator (main user) can view another user’s calendar and vice versa. The user must first be given access by the administrator to view another user’s calendar.

Start at the Activities page
Click the “Calendar” tab
By default, your calendar is automatically displayed.
On the left side, below the small calendar view, there is a list of users. Click the box next to the requested user if you want to view their calendar. Those events will show up in a different color.
The user can also view the calendars of every other user at the same time by clicking all the boxes. This is effective when checking for any schedule conflicts. 

View List of Calendar Events

Go to Activities > Calendar Tab > Click on Details Tab

In the details tab, you can see a list of all the calendar events.

Go to Activities > Calendar Tab > Details

Click on the Export Button

In the Export Grid window, you can choose to export the current page or do a custom export where you can choose the pages you want to export.

Choose the export format(Excel, PDF, CSV)

Click Export

Updated on October 3, 2018

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