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Import Your Real Estate Closing Ledger

if your firm uses Easy-HUD or Easy-CDF for their real estate closings, you can import your ledger from Easy-HUD and Easy-CDF to reduce the need for manual transaction entry.

Import Your Real Estate Closing Ledger

To import your real estate closing ledger:

  1. Take the appropriate actions:
    • Easy-HUD
      1. Save the file to your preferred location as a .hud or .ref file.
    • Easy-CDF
      1. Toward the upper left corner, click Ledger > Export.
      2. Save the file to your preferred location. 
  2. Confirm you have already added the related matter to CosmoLex and linked it to a trust bank.
  3. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  4. On the Matters screen, double-click the matter, or single-click the matter to highlight it, then click Details.
  5. From the Matters Details left navigation, click Banking.
  6. From the tabs atop the Banking screen, click Transactions.
  7. From the toolbar atop the Transactions screen, click Action > Import Closing Ledger.
  8. On the Import Closing Ledger browser, click Choose File.
  9. Browse to your preferred location for your saved file.
  10. Click your HUD file to highlight it, then click Open.
  11. Click Upload.
    The Import Closing Ledger screen opens, displaying a list of transactions for import. 
  12. Click the pencil icon to edit transactions, if needed.
  13. On the right of the screen, confirm the Transactions Summary section displays a 0.00 balance.

  1. In the upper right corner, click Complete Import.
    The Import Closing Ledger message box reads: HUD/REF/XML information has been successfully imported.
  2. Click OK.
    The system imports your closing ledger and returns you to the matter’s Transactions tab to view your imported transactions.
Updated on March 22, 2022

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