How to Handle Split Billing

Split Billing refers to splitting the activity or billed amounts between multiple parties on the same matter, often by percentage.

Currently, CosmoLex does not offer a split billing feature, but there are two workarounds to achieving a split bill:

  1. Track time and expenses in separate matters to generate separate bills.
  2. Display multiple client addresses on one invoice.

Track Time and Expenses in Separate Matters

  1. Add a matter for each billing party, assigning that party as the client.
  2. Tracking their portion of time and expenses. You will need to know the dollar amount (or time) you want to bill to each party.
  3. Generate an invoice for each matter.

They are essentially treated as completely separate files and would have their own file number, billing, and other matter details.

Display Multiple Client Addresses on One Invoice

Using our matter relations feature, you can display up to two additional contact addresses on a matter’s invoice.

Adding an Additional Client as Relation

Follow these steps to add one more contact with ‘Client’ as the relationship.


If you add another ‘client’ in relations, the ‘Client’ relation (plus the actual client) will display on the invoice.

Edit Your Invoice Template

You will then need to edit your invoice template to include the merge fields for this information. You can use Editing Invoice Templates as a guide when making these changes:

When editing your template:

    1. Under Bill To, remove the invoice variable [ClientInfo#].

    2. Create a table in its place
      1. On the far left of the toolbar’s bottom row, click the Table icon.
      2. Select Insert table.
      3. You will need one row, and up to two columns. One column per additional client. Once selected, your table will display in the Bill To section. 
      4. Copy the variable [#ClientInfo-Linked-Clients#] and paste it into each column.
    3. Format table
      1. Click the Table icon again. The remaining steps of this process will add adequate cell padding and margins to your table so it displays well in your invoice.
      2. Click Table properties.  
      3. In the Border field, enter 1.
      4. In the Cell padding field, enter 3.
      5. Click OK.
    4. In the upper left corner of the invoice toolbar, click Save.
    5. Repeat these steps for as many templates as needed.

Preview Invoice

First, be sure that the matter you are working on is using a template to which you have added this new table. You can verify the template for this matter under Edit Matter > Advanced Settings > Billing Info. 

You can either view an existing invoice for this matter or generate a new invoice, and view to confirm the addresses display to your liking. If not, you can make additional edits to your template, or reach out to support for assistance. 

Updated on April 5, 2022

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