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Configuring Email Integration With Outlook

Before Getting Started

Read the Email Configuration Guidelines article to ensure necessary first steps have been taken for successful integration. 

How it works

You can choose to forward your emails from Outlook to CosmoLex. When selecting the email address, please make sure that the email address you are choosing to set up email forwarding with, is the email address associated with your user account in Cosmolex.

The following directions show you how to forward all emails from Outlook to CosmoLex (Incoming and Outgoing).

How to set up integration

Set up Incoming Email Forwarding

Click File > Manage Rules & Alerts > New Rule
Click Apply rule on messages I receive.
Under “Select Condition”, do not tick any check box and click “Yes” for the warning.
Select the forwarding option shown in the screenshot below and enter the email address copied from CosmoLex in the first step above.

Leave everything unticked for the Exceptions step.

In the final step, give a name to the Rule and click “Finish”

Set up Outgoing Email Forwarding

For Outgoing emails, you can follow the same steps after selecting “Apply rule to messages I send” in the first step. And select the option to Cc in the configuration step as shown in the screenshot below.

Updated on February 14, 2019

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