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Auto-Forward Your Incoming Outlook 365 Emails

CosmoLex’s Office 365 Outlook email integration lets you auto-forward your incoming emails. For complete email record-keeping within CosmoLex, you can also manually forward your outgoing emails. 


You must use the email address associated with your CosmoLex account for email forwarding.

Each CosmoLex user must set up their own email forwarding.

Auto-Forward Incoming Emails

To auto-forward your incoming Office 365 Outlook emails to CosmoLex:

  1. In CosmoLex, copy your email forwarding address.
  2. In the upper right corner of Outlook, click the Settings (gear) icon.


  3. At the bottom of the Settings panel, click View all Outlook settings.


  4. On the Settings and Layouts screen, under the gray Layout column, click Forwarding.


  5. In the Forwarding section to the right, check the box to Enable forwarding.
  6. In the Forward my email to: field, paste the email forwarding address you copied in step 1.
  7. Check the box to Keep a copy of forwarded messages, if desired.
  8. Under the Your app settings section, click Mail.

  1. In the left navigation panel’s Mail section, click Forwarding.
    The Forwarding section expands.
  2. Click Start Forwarding.
  3. In the Forward my email to: field, paste the Cosmolex forwarding address you copied to your clipboard in step 1.
  4. In the Forwarding section’s upper right corner, click Save

Your incoming Office 365 Outlook emails will auto-forward to CosmoLex.


With the CosmoLex Add-In for Microsoft, you can tag your emails to your matters from Outlook without auto-forwarding them. For additional information, see Manage Email Archiving with the Outlook Add-In

Forward Outgoing Emails

To forward outgoing Office 365 Outlook emails to CosmoLex, blind copy (BCC) your CosmoLex email address.

Updated on April 8, 2022

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