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Manage Email Archiving with the Outlook Add-In

With the CosmoLex Add-In for Outlook, you can manage your matter email archiving from CosmoLex or Outlook, whichever is most convenient.  

Once you enable the Add-In, from Outlook you can:

  • Search CosmoLex for your matter
  • Decide whether to search only active matters, or all matters
  • Tag an email to a matter
  • Assign a billing status to ensure you capture billable items
  • Decide whether to use today’s date or the email date as the forward date
  • Decide whether to include attachments, if applicable (subject to Outlook’s 25MB limit)

Within CosmoLex, tagging an email to a matter auto-syncs the email’s tag information with Outlook to update:

  • Matter Name
  • Matter Owner
  • Billing Status
  • Forwarded Date
  • Forwarded Type (Outlook or CosmoLex)

For additional information, see:

Updated on April 8, 2022

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