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Add and Manage Clients, Contacts, and Payees

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Add Contacts and Clients

Add from Contact Tab

The Contact Tab is the main location you can use to add any types of contacts. Here you can add/edit the name, address, contact info, and any internal notes. If this contact is a client, the information you add here is what will display on your invoice in the “Bill To” section.

  1. Go to the Contacts Tab
  2. Click the appropriate tab on the right (Client or Address Book)
  3. Click  Add
  4. Fill form
  5. Click Save

Add Client from Matters Screen

You can also add/edit clients as you are adding or editing your Matters.

To add a client from the Matters Tab:

  1. Go to the Matters Tab
  2. Click Add to add a new matter
  3. Type in the client’s name in the Client field
  4. Click the Add Client button to add any other contact information you need for this client

When done with entering information for the new matter, click Save and the client name will automatically be saved under the contacts section.

Edit Contacts and Clients

From the Contact Tab

  1. Go to the Contacts Tab
  2. Select the appropriate contact type tab – Clients, Payee, Address Book
  3. Find the contact (you can use the Search Filter on the right)
  4. Single-click on the contact
  5. Click Edit

Edit Client From the Matters Tab

If the client already exists in your program, just typing the name will change button to the right to Edit Client. You can then edit the information currently stored for that client.


After a matter is saved, if you need to edit the client, you can edit from the ‘Edit Matter’ screen or from the matter details on the Summary tab> click edit.

Add Payees

This feature is used when there is a person (or vendor, service, etc) that you exchange transactions with regularly. Once the name is on the payee list, it will appear in the “Payor/Pay to” drop down when entering transactions.
  1. Navigate to Contacts > Select Payee tab
  2. Click “Add” to create a new payee. 
  3. Enter payee details, as well as Contact Info.

  4. Click Save when finished.
  5. Once saved, the newly created payee is now added to the list.

Edit Payees

  1. Click the requested payee.
  2. Click “Edit” at the top.

  3. Enter/change payee details, as well as Contact Info.
  4. Click “Save” when finished.

Adding Multiple Party Contact Info to a Client 

Each client can have multiple methods/parties of contact listed in their contact window.

  1. Start at the Contact page.
  2. Click the appropriate tab (Client, Payee, or Address Book)
  3. Click Add for a new client, or Edit for an existing one. The primary party info is the client’s information. This is what will be used when addressing your invoice. 
  4. Click “add more parties” to add another party’s information
  5. You can then add contact information for Secondary, Home, Work, Shipping, related contacts, etc
  6. Click Save when complete

Using Contact Types

You can use your Address book to manage contacts other than Clients and Payees. You can organize these contacts using your preferred contact types. To learn how to add and edit other contact types, click here.

Updated on June 4, 2019

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