10.7.0 Update (March 15, 2024)

Streamlined user management, hybrid billing for Fixed/Contingency matters, update associated time for inactive timekeepers, and more.


Consolidating Users, Timekeepers and Matter Owners

We are simplifying user management by asking firm administrators to map each User as a Timekeeper and Matter Owner. 

  • Upon editing a User Record you will be asked to map each User to themselves as a Timekeeper and Matter Owner. If they do not exist in those lists, you will have the ability to add them. 
  • You can no longer add Timekeepers and Matter Owners independently.
  • All new Users added will include Timekeeper and Matter Owner Setup. 

For more information read our FAQs for existing users.

Hybrid Billing

Billable and No Charge status is now available for time/expense entries for Fixed and Contingency matters. This will allow users to track billable time for these matters. We have provided a table to add to the invoice template for these entries to display on the invoice.

Time/Expense for Inactive Timekeepers

For inactive timekeepers, user will be able to update associated time or expense cards in unbilled status. However, you cannot add new entries for them.

Outlook Add-in Inactivity

CosmoLex Outlook Add-in login page now has Remember me for 30 days for accounts enabled for two-factor authentication.

Exporting Notes

When you export Notes in Excel or CSV format, there will be multiple lines for description if a note’s description characters exceed the limit of 32767 characters.


  • When using two-factor authentication and checking the Remember Me box, system will capture the login date and time under Dashboard > Recent Activities. 
  • User will no longer receive an error when splitting a flat rate timecard.
  • User will be able to make matter inactive without any error.
  • User will be able to import Multi-Matter AP Bill with any number of characters without getting an error.
  • User will no longer receive an error importing Notes with a description up to 32767 characters.
  • User will be able to export invoices if they have applied Invoice Number Range filter for even one invoice number.

NextGen Enhancements

Watch Our User Webinar

Those of you who have been enjoying the fully customizable experience of NextGen can now also use the following in your NextGen Beta application:

  • Bank: Access, view and manage your bank accounts.
  • Transactions: Create deposit and withdrawal transactions in any type of bank accounts from Matter or Banking screen.
  • Hard Costs: Add disbursements to your matters from Billing screen, shortcuts, quick action. 
  • Documents: View your documents in Grid view or list view. Drag and drop documents from your desktop  to your application.

If you haven’t already started using it, learn how to access NextGen.

Updated on March 25, 2024

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