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Track Time With TimeSheet and Timers


Running multiple timers in Cosmolex is essential to tracking time for all of your activities while managing various interruptions. Our Global Timer and TimeSheet give you the ability to easily switch between tasks and post more accurate time entries to your matters.

Only one timer can be active at a given time.

How to Use the Global Timer

  1. You can start a new timer by clicking on the timer shown at the top right of your screen. To pause it, simply click on the pause button. 
  2. You can reset your timer by clicking on the circle arrow next to the time stamp at any time. You will receive a message asking if you’re sure you want to reset it. Click ‘OK’, and this will erase the current timer.  
  3. To Enter a TimeCard from the Timer, just click on the timer. It will show you the related fields. Complete the fields (Matter, Timekeeper, Task, and Description). If you wish to continue with the timer, click Hide and the TimeCard will go away. If you wish to post the time, click the Edit button. Here you’ll be able to edit the rest of the TimeCard and post it. 

Timer Tips

  • Your timer won’t be lost if you log off, close your browser, switch computers, refresh, etc! It will always be there waiting for you when you come back to CosmoLex no matter where you log in from.
  • You can stop the timer on your browser and pick it up on our mobile app (and vise versa). This makes it easy for you to continue tasks on the go.

Currently, if your timer is running on the mobile app and you pause it, there will be a 10-15 second delay before it stops on the web application. This will occur any time you are switching between devices or sessions. We are working on making this an instant sync for you!

How to Use the TimeSheet with Timers

  1. Open the TimeSheet by clicking on the top right-hand side  
  2. Manage your timers on the TimeSheet screen. You can edit timers, create and start new timers, and enter the matter information. When you start a new timer, keep in mind that it will jump to the top of the list. 

    When manually inputting time, click on the time field and type in the time spent. You can enter minutes (i.e. 360), hours (i.e. 6h), hours and minutes (i.e. 6h3m)  

  3. Ready to post? You can either give the TimeCard one last look before you post it, or post it instantly 

How to Use the TimeSheet for Bulk Upload

  1. Use timers to track time. See above for instructions.
  2. When ready to upload in Bulk, select all or select wanted time entries, and click Bulk Create TimeCard 

Admin-Level View of Timers

A user with admin-level access can see a list of time that has not yet been posted under Activities > TimeSheet

Completing the Timecard

Read our Add and Manage Time Entries article to learn more.

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Updated on October 9, 2018

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