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Set a Matter-Specific (Localized) Billing Rate

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When working with Hourly matters, CosmoLex automatically uses each Timekeeper’s default rates to calculate the value of time entered.

However, there may be times a matter is different, or even unique, and you may want to change the matter’s billing rate to something other than the default Timekeeper billing rates. These are referred to as Localized Billing Rates.

For information regarding the setup of default timekeeper rate levels, see Add and Manage Timekeepers.

Set a Localized Billing Rate

To set up a localized billing rate:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  2. From the Matters screen, single-click the matter to highlight it, then from the toolbar atop the screen, click Edit.
  3. About halfway down the Edit Matter screen, click Advanced Settings.
    The Advanced Settings section expands.
  4. On the Billing Info tab atop the section, check the box beside Localized Billing Rate.
  5. Click Rate.
  6. In the Localized Rates screen, click the radio button beside the rate type you want to apply to this matter.
Fix Rate for All Timekeepers
  • The fixed rate entered here will be used while creating time/expense cards for this matter, irrespective of the Timekeeper.
  • This will override all timekeeper default rates as well as any timekeeper specific localized rates.
Select Rate
  • With this option, you assign a custom rate per timekeeper. 
  • You can add as many timekeepers as you want, entering the custom rate for this matter.
  • Any timekeepers without this option default to the matter’s rate level.

  1. Click Save.
    The system saves your matter-specific billing rates.
Updated on December 17, 2021

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