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Remove Your Invoice Header from Additional Pages

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You can set your invoice templates to have your header appear only on the first page of your invoices.

This process involves:

  1. Copying your header into the invoice templates for which you want to make this change.
  2. Decreasing the header height in print settings to suppress its display on additional pages.

Change Your Invoice Templates

To make this change to your invoice templates:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Setup.
  2. From the Setup gray left navigation, click Firm Settings.
  3. From the tabs atop the Firm Settings screen, click Invoice Settings.
  4. In the Invoice Templates section, locate Header.
  5. To the far right of the row, click Edit/Preview.
  6. On the Edit Invoice screen, highlight all fields.
  7. To copy the header, click Control + C (for Windows) or Command + C (for Mac).
  8. To the far right of the invoice template you want to change (Hourly, Fixed Fee, or Contingency), click Edit/Preview
  9. On the Edit Invoice screen, place your cursor at the top of the template.
  10. To paste the header inside the template, click Control + V (for Windows) or Command + V (for Mac).
  11. Click Save.
  12. To the far right of the Header row, click Edit/Preview.
  13. Delete all fields. This will ensure your header content does not appear on additional invoice pages. 
  14. Click Save.
  15. Under Invoice Print Settings, change the Header Height to 50 pts, the minimum value the field allows.
  16. In the upper right corner, click Save.
    Future invoices will display your header only on the first page.

Repeat this process for your remaining invoice templates as needed.

Updated on April 6, 2022

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