Adding Custom Fields to Invoice Templates

Instead of creating a separate template field, you can use a custom field associated with Matter, Contact, and Matter Relations as a merge field on invoice templates.

Download Master Matter Fields

To view and download the master matter document template fields:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Matters.
  2. On the Matters screen, select a matter and from the toolbar, click Action > Generate Document.
  3. In the Generate Document window, from the Category drop-down, select All.
  4. From the Document Template drop-down, select Master Matter Fields.
  5. The Generate As field defaults to MS-Word. Click Generate.
    The Master Matter Fields document downloads to your desktop.

Using the Custom Merge Field

To use the Matter, Contact, or Client Relation merge field on an invoice template:

  1. Follow the steps above to download the Master Matter Fields.
  2. From the Master Matter Fields document, select and copy the merge field you wish to include in your invoice, for e.g. Matter_Relation_Adversary.
  3. From the main navigation panel, select Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings.
  4. Select the invoice template where you wish to add the merge field and click Edit/preview.
  5. In the Edit Invoice Template window, select the area where you wish to add the merge field.
  6. Enter the name that you wish to give the field and beside that, add the merge field within square brackets and hashtags for e.g. [#Matter_Relation_Adversary#]
  7. In the lower right corner, click Save.

Also read Customize an Invoice Template.

Updated on June 5, 2024

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