Configuring LEDES 1998B eBilling format

If you require eBilling at your firm, first follow the steps to Setup eBilling. This includes the one-time firm setup as well as the matter-level setup.

Configuring LEDES1998B Format

  1. When you get to the matter configuration, choose LEDES1998B format.
  2. Enter your Client Issued Matter ID number. This is typically provided by the client requesting this format. 
  3. Click Save.

Your time and expense cards will now contain fields for task, activity and expense codes. 

When it comes time to bill, generate your invoices as usual, and then follow the steps to Generate eBills. This can be done individually or in a batch.

LEDES 1998B Output File

A LEDES export file is a .txt file that is readable by certain billing portals. 

Sample LEDES1998B file ebills-0001-001-Cushman, D-Permission-2

Terms and Definitions

These are the terms and definitions for some fields included in the file.

  • The Include Time/Expense Till date field sets this value when you generate an invoice.
  • This value defaults to Date of oldest time/expense card.
  • You can configure the billing start date to first date of Invoice month.
Activity Code
  • The activity code that displays when entering time entries.
  • CosmoLex allows you to leave the field blank, but LEDES 1998B format mandates these fields.
  • Many newer LEDES formats allow these fields to remain blank.
  • To provide maximum flexibility to users, CosmoLex allows a blank activity code. It is the user’s responsibility to confirm specific requirements with their clients. When in doubt, use Activity Codes.
  • The first 20 characters are used when exporting the eBilling file.
Updated on April 6, 2022

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