Migrate Your Data

Data Migration requires careful coordination as migration needs and data differ from firm to firm.

You have two options for migrating your firm’s data: Do-It-Yourself or Turn-Key. To understand what needs to happen and when, see How the Data Migration Process Works. You can also contact support to discuss the DIY or Turn-Key service in greater detail.

Import Templates

These migration guides include written instructions and the import template files required to complete your own data migration:

Small or New Firms

As a small or new firm with a small data set, you may not want to go through the formal import process.

To migrate your data:

  1. Review our support portal articles to learn how to enter matters, contacts, and other information. For additional information, see Billing Workflow.
  2. Complete the Manual Migration of Accounts Receivable Balances.
  3. Complete the Manual Migration of Trust Ledger Balances.
Updated on October 5, 2022

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