Invoice Payment Allocation Report

This report details the general ledger allocations for each invoice payment within a time range. The date is based on payment applied date.

This report can be used for a variety of purposes, including: 

  • Periodic accounting review.
  • In the case of fee disputes, the firm can present allocations to outline what portion is remaining for each invoice.
  • For internal fee allocation purposes, users can see how payments are being allocated.

To access the report, go to Reports > Accounting Matters > Invoice Payment Allocations.

Report Filters

  • Matter Owner: Choose all matter owners or a specific matter owner.
  • Payment Date Range: The date range options you have are All Dates, Last Month, Last Year, This Month, and This Year. The range is also customizable.
  • Client-Matter: Check the box to choose all client-matters. To choose a specific matter, uncheck box and type in the client matter name. You can choose to view active matters only by checking the box. To choose inactive matters, uncheck the box.
  • Show: Choose to show either a detailed or summary view of the report.


Click View to preview the report or to download, select the preferred format (Excel/pdf) and click Download.

Learn more about generating reports.

Sample Report 

At the bottom of the report, summaries are shown based upon the following:

Invoice Applied Amount

Invoice Applied Transactions

By Chart of Account

Updated on November 19, 2021

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