Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable report lists AR activity for a specific matter owner or all matter owners through a specified date.

To access the report, go to Reports > Accounting (Matters) > Accounts Receivable

Report Filters

  • Matter Owner: Choose all matter owners or a specific matter owner.
  • Client: Choose all clients or a specific client. 
    • All clients: By default all active clients are included. To choose a specific client, uncheck this box and type in the client name. 
    • Active Clients Only: By default, this box is unchecked. To include active clients, check this box.
  • Client-Matter: Choose all matters or a specific matter.
    • All Client Matters: By default all active matters are included (unless filtered by client above). To choose a specific matter, uncheck all client matters and type in the matter name. 
    • Active Matters Only: By default, this box is unchecked. To only include active matters, check this box.
  •  Invoice Date Range: Only invoices with dates within this range will be included. The date range options you have are Till Date, Last Month, Last Year, This Month, and This Year.
  • Aging From: By default, the aging calculation starts from the due date, but can be changed to the invoice date.
  • Sort By: Choose between invoice aging and client matter.
  • Show: Choose between detail or summary.

    The detailed report shows balance by Invoice and summary report shows balance by Matter.

  • Group by Aging (For Detail Report): Check if required. 
  • Include Balance Breakdown: Check if you wish to view your unpaid balances broken down by fees, hard cost disbursements, soft costs, overhead, finance charges, late fees and taxes.


Click View to preview the report or to download, select the preferred format (Excel/pdf) and click Download.

Learn more about generating reports.

Sample Report



Including Balance Breakdown

Grouped by Aging

Updated on December 11, 2023

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