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Display a Detailed Description on a Fixed Fee Invoice

If you set a matter’s billing method to Fixed Fee, the system automatically categorizes all future timecard entries on that matter as non-billable, preventing them from displaying on matter invoices.

You may want to send fixed fee clients an information-only invoice detailing your work without charging them, but fixed fee invoices do not include a description of the services provided. 

You have two options for including this information on your fixed fee invoices.

Option 1: Change the Billing Method to Hourly


You must change the billing method prior to creating any time entries or generating any invoices.

To change the billing method to hourly for description display purposes:

  1. Edit the matter and change the billing method to hourly.
  2. Add a flat rate timecard for the fixed fee total and include a detailed description of the services you provided.
  3. Add additional timecards to the matter, if applicable, but under Advanced Settings > Billing Info > Billing Status, click No Charge. This ensures they display on your invoice, but with a value of $0.00.
  4. Generate the invoice

Option 2: Add a Detailed Description to your Fixed Fee Invoice

To add a detailed description to your fixed fee invoice:

  1. Track expenses and any non-billable time as usual.
  2. From Matter Details, create a fixed fee invoice.
  3. In the Advanced Settings section’s Description/Terms field, enter your detailed description. This free-form type field displays atop your invoice as a default. You can change the location of this field in the same manner through which you can add or remove invoice template fields.

Timecards marked as Non-billable will not appear on the invoice.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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