Edit an Invoice

You may need to change an invoice after creating it, delivering it, or applying payment to it.


These instructions are for editing an invoice when following Cash Accounting. If following Accrual Accounting please use our Change/Write Off feature

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Locate an Invoice

Invoices can be found in two areas

  1. Activities > Invoices This window contains a list of all invoices across all of your matters. Be mindful of any applied filters.
  2. Matters > Details > Billing > Invoice This window contains a list of all invoices associated with the selected matter. Be mindful of any applied filters.

Editing an Unpaid Invoice

Invoices are automatically finalized when they are emailed, or when payment is applied. In such cases, you must unfinalize the invoice to edit it.

  1. Single-click the invoice to highlight it.
  2. From the toolbar, click Edit.
  3. On the Edit Invoice screen, make changes to the invoice fields on the left, as well as summary fields at the bottom (discount etc.).
  4. To add or remove entries from this invoice, check or uncheck the item from the list. Any removed items will become unbilled. 
  5. If looking to edit item details (time, cost, description etc.), locate the time or expense entry you want to edit.
  6. To the far right of its row, click the pencil icon.

  7. On the Edit Time/Expense screen, make your changes.
  8. In the lower right corner, click Save.
  9. The message box reads, Clicking Save updates this entry and the invoice total. Do you want to proceed? Click Yes
    The Edit Invoice screen updates with your changes.
  10. In the upper right corner, click Generate
    This will save changes to the selected invoice. 

If you would like to remove a time/expense item from the invoice, uncheck the box to the left of that entry.

Edit a Partially or Fully Paid Invoice

To edit an invoice that has a payment applied, you must unfinalize and unlink the payment. This will move those funds to Client Funds Operating and update the invoice to unpaid status. 

To unlink a payment:

  1. Highlight the desired invoice.
  2. From the toolbar, click Action.
  3. Choose Unlink Payment.  A message will display letting you know that the invoice will be marked as unpaid, and funds will be moved to the operating retainer. 
  4. To proceed, click Yes, to cancel, click No.

You can then edit as you would an unpaid invoice. then re-apply payments from the operating retainer.

If you receive a warning or error not allowing you to edit the paid invoice, your system may not allow operating retainers. Please check with your system administrator.

Updated on March 21, 2023

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