Generate an eBill (LEDES 2000)


Before you generate an eBill, make sure to enable eBilling by following the steps in Set up eBilling.

Once you enable eBilling for a matter, you can enter your time and expenses and produce an invoice. 

Generate an eBill

To generate an eBill for a matter:

  1. Generate an invoice. You must generate an invoice prior to generating an eBill.
  2. From the Invoice toolbar, click Action > Generate E-Bill.
    The system generates your eBill and downloads it to your preferred location.

LEDES 2000 Output File

A LEDES 2000 output file contains the information from a conventional invoice translated into a standardized machine readable format referred to as Extensible Markup Language, or XML. For more information, please refer to the website.

These are the tags and definitions of the segments in the file:

@FIRM Details the name, address, and contact information about the firm generating the file. 
@CLIENT Includes the name, address, and contact information for a client and point of contact within a client. 
@INVOICE Includes details about the invoice. 
@MATTER Identifies the matter information, associates it with the client and firm matter IDs, and contains aggregation totals.  
@TKSUM Includes the name, level, rate, sum of hours, and costs billed by individuals on the invoice. 
@FEE Lists all of the details about fees charged on this invoice.
@EXPENSE Lists all of the individual expense charges for this invoice.

Click to view sample LEDES 2000 eBill.

Bill Rejection

Due to the large volume of UTBMS codes and the preferences of many audit houses/processors to allow only certain codes, nonconforming bills can be rejected.

If a bill is rejected, we suggest reviewing the requirements of that particular client and ensuring you have the needed codes set up within the system.

To enable or deactivate UTBMS codes, click Improve eBilling Accuracy.

Updated on April 29, 2022

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