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You have eight different custom field types to choose from in CosmoLex.

The benefits of using custom fields include:

  • Associating them with a matter or contact for detailed information access.

  • Usage as a merge field for document template creation.

  • Searching for matter and contacts based on custom field using the search filters located on the Matter Landing and Contact pages.

Custom Field Types

The different custom field types and their uses include:

Single-Line Textbox
  • Use for name, email address, birth date, Social Security number, Social Insurance number, etc.

Text Area Textbox
  • Use for multiple lines of text such as notes and comments

  • Use for convenient navigation to external pages 

Drop-down Select Box

Date Picker
  • Allows you to select a date from a calendar, such as birth date or statute of limitations expiration date 

Currency textbox
    • Numeric- and decimal-only field

Number Textbox
  • Numeric-only field
Option List
  • Use for information forms such as user preference questions
  • You can include multiple options with only one choice permitted.
Contact Field
    • Use to map contacts within the system
    • Use this field to add a contact to a matter and you can create merge fields for all respective contact information
    • Once the field is linked to a contact, changes to the contact automatically update this field throughout the system


When adding this custom field type, you have the option to specify the contact type. However, specifying the contact type:

  • Limits the contacts available to populate this field to only those with the specified contact type.
  • Defaults the field to the specified contact type when you add a contact from this custom field.

To retain full field flexibility, leave Contact Type = All.

Updated on March 17, 2022

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