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Cancellation Data Extraction Checklist

We don’t want to see you go. We understand you are making important decisions for your business. Before you decide to cancel your CosmoLex Account, please consider our complimentary personalized training and our dedicated support team, to ensure we have addressed all questions. We are happy to help! 

If you have to leave us, we understand and we hope to see you again. Before you cancel your account, you will want to follow the checklist below to extract your data from our system. Please contact our support team for assistance, if needed.

Before you get started

  • We highly recommend extracting the necessary data from CosmoLex prior to canceling your account, as once canceled, you will lose access to your data. If you have already canceled (within 30 days) you can reach out to us to provide temporary access to extract this information.
  • For financial data (billing & accounting balances), you want to be mindful of the date of extraction – ideally they should be the same date, preferably month-end
  • It is always best to extract to excel/csv format as that can easily be copied, updated or imported in the future
  • As you look at the checklist, note that there are two ways you can extract data:
    • From the reports area (to excel)
    • Using the “Export” button on the particular screen (export > excel/.csv)

How to Extract Data

From the Reports Area

If the data you wish to save is already in report format, you can locate that report and download into excel format.

  1. Find report and select desired filters
  2. Print as – either excel or pdf. We recommend exporting to Excel or CSV. If applicable, please work with your IT department to ensure the right format is used. 
  3. Click download to download the report in that format 

On-Screen Export Button

Use search & filter tools on the desired screen to find desired data set, and then use the export button on the header toolbar to export to excel, csv or pdf. We recommend exporting to Excel or CSV. If applicable, please work with your IT department to ensure the right format is used. 

Data Extraction Checklist

Below is a list of all recommended data sets to extract. We have also listed the recommended method of extraction (on-screen export, or report download). Make sure to use the search filters to find the desired information.

For some, this may not be an all-inclusive list. Be sure to keep your firm’s future needs in mind.

General Items

  • Address Book
    • Clients, vendors and other contacts
    • Client List only
  • Setup Items
    • Custom Fields List
    • Document Templates
    • Task Workflows 
    • List Items 
    • Timekeeper/Matter Owner Lists 
  • All Calendar Events 
  • All Tasks 
  • All Notes 

Matter Details

  • Matter List 
    • Ensure you filer Active & Inactive and that your export contains all relevant matter fields
  • Matter related events, tasks, notes will have been downloaded as part of your General Items (see above)
  • Matter related parties
  • Matter Documents
    • Note: If you have them stored via 3rd party integration – your documents will remain accessible outside of CosmoLex.


  • Any Work in Progress (WIPs) entries by matter – unbilled time/expense
  • Accounts Receivable (unpaid) balances by matter
  • Unpaid Invoices (Extract to PDF/Word format for Reference)
  • Paid Invoices (Extract to PDF/Word format for Reference)
  • Recent Payment History (transactions)

Trust Accounting

  • Reference of which matters are linked to which trust accounts (if multiple)
  • Trust Compliance Reports (for each bank account/matter) – reference your bar association/law society as to how far back to go with these reports
    • Bank Ledger
    • Receipts & Disbursements Journals
    • Client Ledger Balances
    • Individual Client Trust Ledger
    • Trust Transfer Record (if applicable)
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • 3-Way Reconciliation
  • Any additional compliance reports

Business/General Accounting

  • General Accounting Reports
    • P&L & Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance Report
    • General Ledger Report
    • Accounts Payable Reports
    • 1099 payee ledger
    • Bank Activity Log (prior transactions) exported to Excel or csv format
    • Reconciliation reports (business account)
  • Advanced Accounting Reports
    • Class-based reporting
    • Fee Collection & Distribution Reports

Other Reporting

  • Look through all reports to see what is relevant to your firm – all should be generated as of cut off date.
Updated on December 26, 2018

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