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Bank to Bank Funds Transfer


Use this article to understand how to record an internal transfer of funds between operating accounts, or between credit and operating accounts. If you would like to record a transfer from Trust to Trust – see Matter to Matter Internal Trust Funds Transfer.

Record a Bank to Bank Transfer

  1. Start by clicking on the Accounting Tab on the left-hand menu 
  2. Click the Bank Tab > Action > Bank to Bank Transfer 
  3. Complete the Bank to Bank Transfer wizard (see below for more information)
  4. Click Complete Transfer

Complete Bank to Bank Transfer Wizard

  1. On the introduction window, click Next to continue
  2. On the Let us know what you would like to do window, select whether you are transferring between Operating/Business accounts or between Operating/Business and Credit Card accounts. Click Next

On the Provide Transfer Details window:

  1. Enter the Amount
  2. Select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Bank Accounts
  3. Click Next

On the Additional Information window:

  1. Enter Amount you wish to transfer
  2. The ‘from’ Matter is the matter you’ve selected to start with, select the bank account you wish to transfer from, if this matter is related to more than one trust account
  3. Select the Matter you wish to transfer to
  4. Select the Bank Account you wish to transfer to, if the matter is related to more than one trust account
  5. Click Next

On the Review… window

Ensure the information is correct, and click Complete Transfer

Matter to Matter Internal Trust Fund Transfer

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Updated on September 6, 2018

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