10.9.1 Update (May 3, 2024)

Import client/contact as an entity, view data in recent activities,and more.


Contacts/Clients Import

Users can now flag contacts/clients as entities during import by using the Yes and No options in the drop-down in the field, Contact is an entity on the Import Contact template.

Data in Recent Activities

Recent Activities will now display the first 50 results on each page. To view more results, you can use the Previous and Next buttons at the foot of the page.


  • Users will not receive an error when generating the Balance by Expense Name report, irrespective of the date format they are using.
  • After an invoice has been imported, when user makes a payment for the imported invoice, they will not get the error message Supplied allocation does not belong to a valid chart of accounts.

NextGen Enhancement

Integrated Payments

Users in US now have the ability to enable CosmoLexPay, our built-in payment processing service, directly in their NextGen application to accept payments. Since your application already has built in accounting functionality, any transaction made using CosmoLexPay, will simultaneously update your invoice, balances, and accounting records.

Updated on May 3, 2024

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