10.6.3 Update (March 1, 2024)

Enter any number of characters in Notes, include net fees in Financial Productivity Report, date range filter in recent activities, and more.


Unlimited Characters for Notes

In the Notes area, users are now allowed an unlimited number of characters when adding a note. However, when creating a timecard from that note, the timecard description will continue to be limited to 10,000 characters only.

New Invoice Template Field

With the new invoice template field, users will be able to include a table with finance charge details for past due invoices. 

Name of Field Description

A table field which lists all invoices in a table with columns for:

  • Invoice#
  • Due Date
  • Overdue Days
  • Finance Charge
  • Overdue Amount

Financial Productivity Report

When grouped by timekeeper, the Financial Productivity Report will now include a column for net fees so that user can view total fees billed, applied discount, write-off and then the net fees associated to the timekeeper.

Recent Activities

The date range filter for Recent Activities defaults to one month.  This date range can be changed from the filter area.


  • Timekeepers Time Report will display time entry associated with the timekeepers when timekeepers have similar names entered in the system.
  • After creating a matter and then editing the client and saving the changes, the matter screen will display clients name according to the option selected under Setup > My Settings > My Preferences > Use Client Name.
Updated on March 4, 2024

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