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Updating Your Account’s Email Address


You may change the email address associated with your account. Your email address is used for CosmoLex notifications you choose to receive. 
Be sure not to change your Login ID by mistake. In CosmoLex, your Login ID (username) is usually your email address. You can choose to keep it this way or change it to a preferred Login ID. 

How to change email address

Go to Account Management Tab > User Management section and find the user.
Select the user, click edit and change the email address here, then save.

As a result, your login name will remain the same, but any email communications will be with the new email address.


This change only updates your user account email,  be sure to verify under Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Information that the email in which you communicate with Clients within CosmoLex is up to date.

Updated on October 3, 2018

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