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Tip: Create a Desktop Icon for Cosmolex (PC)

How is this tip useful?

Given that CosmoLex is a web-based program, you can create a Favorite/Bookmark on your web browser.

However, if you are looking for quicker access, you can create a desktop icon which will take you directly to the login page.

How to create a desktop icon on my PC

To do so, first, minimize all of your open programs so that you are looking at your computer desktop.

In an empty space, right click. From this menu, choose New > Shortcut

On the next screen, you want to enter the web address you wish to link to. In this case, enter https://law.cosmolex.com

Click Next to continue.

On the next screen, it asks for a shortcut name. Type in:  CosmoLex

When you click Finish, an icon will then be added to your desktop screen


Going forward, you can then click on this icon to go directly to your CosmoLex log in page.

If you would like to change the image of the icon, right click on the shortcut and select Properties. This should default to the shortcut tab in which you can click “Change Icon” and select a different image

This shortcut will open via your default browser. We recommend Chrome for best results with CosmoLex. 

To make Chrome your default browser, follow these steps: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95417?hl=en 

Updated on June 1, 2018

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