Generate an eBill (Litigation Advisor)


Before you generate an eBill, make sure to enable eBilling by following the steps in Set up eBilling.

Once you enable eBilling for a matter, you can enter your time and expenses and produce an invoice. 

Generate an eBill

To generate an eBill for a matter:

  1. Generate an invoice. You must generate an invoice prior to generating an eBill.
  2. From the Invoice toolbar, click Action > Generate E-Bill.
    The system generates your eBill and downloads to your preferred location.

Litigation Advisor Output File

Litigation Advisor is a text file with three major sections – Header, Fees, and Expenses.

Click here to view sample Litigation Advisor Output File.

To enable or deactivate UTBMS codes, click Improve eBilling Accuracy.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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