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Custom Import Your Soft Cost Expenses

Software such as Lexmark, Ricoh, Canon, Copitrak, Papercut, and Xerox can track certain soft cost expenses, such as photocopies and printing. The software produces .txt files you can download to import the data into CosmoLex.

Custom importing your soft costs involves two steps:

  1. Add the import definition.
  2. Import the custom file containing your soft cost expenses.

Import Your Soft Cost Expenses

To import your soft costs expenses:

  1. Add your import definition.
  2. From the left navigation panel, click Activities.
  3. Atop the Activities left navigation, click Time/Expense.
  4. From the toolbar atop the Time/Expense screen, click Action > Custom Import.
  5. From the Custom Import wizard Import Types drop-down, click the proper import definition for your data.
  6. In the lower right corner, click Next.
  7. To Select the file you want to import, click Choose File.
  8. Browse for the file you want to import.
  9. Select the file.
    The file name populates the field.
  10. In the lower right corner, click Upload.
    The import data displays for review.


  11. Check or uncheck items you want, or do not want, to import.
  12. To edit the Expense Name and Description fields, to the far right of the applicable row, click the orange pencil.

    All other changes must be made in either the original import file, or in CosmoLex after the file import is complete.

    Once items are imported into CosmoLex, changes must be made individually.

  13. In the lower right corner, click Complete Import.
    A message displays: Data has been imported. Please delete the desktop import file used to prevent accidental import of the same data again.

    The system returns to the Time and Expense screen which displays your imported items. 

Errors and Exceptions

The system will prompt you if errors arise.

For example, the designated matter or timekeeper may not exist. You can always cancel the import to make any needed updates within CosmoLex before importing.

Import Rules

Follow these import rules to ensure a successful file upload.


Import Rules


  • Each item can have its own date.
  • If left blank, the application uses today’s date

Timekeeper Initial

  • If no match is found, the system rejects the entry and the import fails.
  • If left blank, the import will auto-assign the firm’s default timekeeper.
  • If no default timekeeper is set, an error will display.

Expense Code/Name

  • The application will match based on the expense code or name you assigned under Setup > List Items.


  • If left blank, the import will auto-populate with 1.


  • Either Rate or Amount is required.


  • If an amount is provided, this will be treated as a final value.
  • If a quantity is also provided, the application will adjust the rate.


  • If left blank, the application can match the item based on expense name or code.

Tax Status

  • Y or 1 = Taxable
  • N or 0 = Non-Taxable
  • If left blank, the import will assign the corresponding matter tax setting.
  • If the corresponding matter is Non-Taxable, the import will Ignore this field.
Updated on March 11, 2022

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