7.2.2 Update (November 22, 2020)

This past weekend’s update brought an enhancement and several fixes.


Sorting Method in Trial Balance, P&L, and Balance Sheet

When printing the Trial Balance, accounts are sorted in ascending order based on the COA account number just as the GL report sorts.

When printing the P&L or Balance Sheet, the accounts display in ascending numeric order within their category to be consistent with how accountants organize these reports.


  • When the user selects a different matter, the Matters no longer occasionally reverts to the old matter.
  • In the WIP Summary, Pre-Bill (Matter Billing Report), and Invoice Journal report, users can now view inactive matter information when checking the All Client Matter checkbox.
  • Calendar users now receive notifications for updated events.
  • Users can apply a credit to an AP bill when the bill’s remaining amount exceeds the applied credit.
Updated on November 23, 2020

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