8.5.4 Update (June 25, 2022)

Do more with CosmoLex’s Zapier integration, easily distinguish between identical client names, and more.


Added Zapier Triggers and Actions

If you are using Zapier with CosmoLex, you can now choose from more Actions and Triggers. Adding a timecard, note, or task in CosmoLex can now trigger an action in another Zapier app. Also, the other app can now add notes, tasks, soft costs and timecards into CosmoLex.

To distinguish between identical client names during look-up while adding a matter or running reports, CosmoLex users can now view the client ID and client email address.


  • The billed hours (Billable) in the Time Keepers Time Report (Advanced format) will display the correct hours.
  • While importing transactions, users will not get an error when they use payee mapping rule, assign chart of accounts, and add transactions.
  • Deleted user information will be visible when you edit the expense.
  • User can now view labels assigned to the form template while editing it.
  • Users can now consistently use CosmoLex add-in without having to log in or log out.
  • When an event created from CosmoLex, assigned to a Matter and made Billable is deleted from the Outlook/Google calendar, it will not display in the Money Finder.
  • Improved error message to notify user of the issue when importing transaction.
  • The time zone selected by a user will not change on logging out of CosmoLex or refreshing the page.
Updated on June 24, 2022

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