7.1.0 Update (October 4, 2020)

This past weekend’s updates include enhancements and fixes.


Bank Reconciliation: Clear/Unclear Selected Transactions in Bulk


When reconciling, checking or unchecking the box to the left of a deposit or payment no longer clears the transaction and refreshes the screen. Instead, once you have selected the items you want to clear or unclear, you must click Clear Selected or Unclear Selected to process the update.

This allows you to clear multiple items on a page at once and speeds up the reconciliation process.


Invoice Amount Multiplier Field

We have added an Invoice Amount Multiplier field for use on invoice templates.

This field will take the invoice amount and multiply it by the value set under Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Settings.

This field is most useful for non-variable currency rates so that your invoice can display amounts in two currencies.


Cosmolex does not calculate currency conversion rates or support multi-currency accounting.

If you would like to use this field on your invoice, please contact our support team. 

For additional information, see Display a Currency Conversion on Your Invoices.


Google Calendar

Implemented changes to improve the calendar sync’s performance. 


This update resolved these issues:

  • Invoices now populate info for [#ProfChargeTotal#] without needing the [#ProfServItems#] code to display the total fee amount.
  • Users no longer receive reminder emails when tasks are already marked as completed.
  • The WIP Summary Report now sorts alphabetically.
  • Accounts Payable Details Report now displays proper headings for the Business Expense Only and Client Expense Only reports.
  • The system no longer allows a payment date to precede the bill date when paying multiple AP bills at once.
  • AP bills entered as non-taxable no longer display taxable expense cards. 
  • When a user enters a report page number to navigate to, the report now displays the page number they enter.
  • When you are viewing a report in landscape layout, the zoom in/out feature is now available.
Updated on November 12, 2020

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