6.6.0 Update (May 3, 2020)

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Release Date:  Sunday, May 3, 2020

This document includes items released in version 6.6.0

New Features

Job View

Previously within CosmoLex, when a user chooses to complete certain bulk actions (like printing multiple invoices), the system could be held up waiting for that ‘job’ to finish processing. Now,  CosmoLex gives users the option to either wait for the system to complete the action, or to run in the background. With choosing this new option, the user can carry on with their activities in the program, while the job (downloading) is completed behind the scenes.

In addition to the new ability to run jobs in the background of the system, CosmoLex also now gives the user the ability to view a list of all jobs which were started along with their status, detail and result. This is called the Job View.

The Job View can be accessed from the icon menu at the top right of the application.

When clicking the Job View icon, a window will pop up displaying the details of each job as shown below.

Columns listed in the table are as follows:

  • Type -The type of job
  • Entered on -The date and time you entered the job into CosmoLex
  • Status – current status of this job (Running, Success or Failed)
  • Message -A detailed description of the job status
  • Job Detail – Exactly what items are being emailed or downloaded
  • Result – Either a confirmation that an email was sent, or the link to download the processed items. 

If you chose to run invoice printing as a job, once processed, a link (“Click here to download the Invoice”) will appear in the result column. You will need to click this link to print that job. 


  • This is a user specific feature. Each user will have their own unique Job View
  • Jobs will be removed from the Job View 14 days after being launched

This feature is also a great way to confirm that invoices have been emailed successfully. 

Updated on December 9, 2020

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