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6.5.0 Released! (March 22, 2020)

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Release Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020

This document includes items released in version 6.5.0


Trust Overdraft Setting on Matter Level

CosmoLex has built-in safeguards to NOT allow negative trust ledger balances. However, knowing that situations occur, when an overdraft must be recorded for proper recordkeeping, we do provide an option to override this safeguard when needed. 

This override was always available on the bank account level, but to allow for deeper control, this allowance has now been moved to the matter level. 

When enabled on the bank account level, (you can do so by editing the bank account) you will now see an icon letting you know matters linked to this bank account now have the option to allow a negative ledger. 

Please Note

  • You must have this bank-level setting enabled in order to allow a negative balance on any associated matter ledgers. The bank-level setting can only be turned off if all associated matters have the override setting turned off as well.
  • Even when enabled on the bank account level, by default, any associated matters, or new matters will NOT allow a negative balance. This will have to be manually enabled using the steps below.

The matter setting is located under Advanced Settings > Accounting when adding or editing a matter. 

Once enabled on a matter, when listed in the matter grid, the same icon will display letting you know a negative balance has been allowed for this matter.

This visual cue is to ensure you are always aware that this safeguard has been lifted, with the goal of reinstating once the necessary entries are made. 

Enhanced Custom Field Searches

Throughout CosmoLex, there is the ability to filter information on a given page by multiple criteria including custom fields. To learn more about adding custom fields click here.

We have now added advanced operators to the custom field filtering to allow for more granular search results. 

Some of the more notable upgrades:

  • We have added a ‘has value’ setting. When unchecked it will pull results that do not have a value assigned to that custom field.
  • For text related fields, you can now freely type part or all of the word to search matches
  • For date picker fields, you can search by a range.

Increased Visibility of Matter File Number

Throughout the system, wherever you see ‘Client-Matter’ You will also see a prefix of file number – this includes on the timesheet function. 

Debit Card Added as Payment Method

When completing the following actions, you will have the payment option of Debit Card available

  • Invoice Payment Using Cash/Check
  • Receive Retainer
  • Trust Deposit
  • Operating Deposit
  • Credit Memo

Additional Search Filter For Emails

We have added ‘Received’ as a date filter option for emails under Activities > Email and Matter Details > Email

Updated on March 23, 2020

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