10.7.1 Update (March 22, 2024)

Import your hybrid timecards, and more.


Hybrid Timecard Import

For Fixed and Contingency matters, users can now import timecards with Billable or No Charge status.


  • While generating the Financial Productivity Report, user will now:
    • See the correct result based on the filter applied
    • Not get an error message when grouping the report by Matter Owner in the Summary report
  • Users will not experience delay in their application while:

    • Applying one or more filters for time/expense in Matter > Billing > Time/Expense or Activities > Time/Expense
    • Entering AP Bills, Transactions, multi-matter hard costs, creating invoices, payment on invoices, running reports
    • Applying one or more custom field filters in the matters screen
  • Based on the transaction type, the TL file for Alberta export will show the correct transaction amount.
  • Users in custom role with no restrictions, created using admin permission will be able to view the allowed timekeeper in Fee Recovery Report and Financial Productivity Report.
  • User will receive an error if applying a payment on multiple invoices if the date any of the invoices falls outside payment date range.
  • System will add an error while undoing a split if a hard cost expense associated with a transaction is in the reconciled, cleared, or posted status.
Updated on March 22, 2024

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