10.5.2 Update (February 2, 2024)

Message prompts when generating invoices, new merge fields for Invoice templates, and more.


Creating Invoices

Users will get a message prompt:

    • When generating bulk invoices, confirming the number of invoices that will be generated
    • If they create a duplicate invoice

New Merge Fields for Invoices

Using the new merge fields  [#TotalInvoiceAmount#] [#TotalPaymentReceived#] [#TotalBalanceDue#]  in the five column table with  [#OpenInvoiceLog#] and [#AllOpenInvoiceLog#] for Invoice Template, will allow users to view the total of invoice amount, applied payments, and invoice balance.

Verification of Shipping Information

For billing purposes, existing firm administrators will be prompted with a message to confirm their shipping information upon login. Once they check the box to verify the shipping information, they will not be prompted again.


  • While exporting Law Society reports for Alberta regional settings, user will no longer receive an error changing the date range even if the date range falls within the year.
  • System will create a new contact if a user does not select a value from the Client field for existing clients.
  • User with timekeeper and matter owner/timekeeper role will only be able to view the time/expense card based on their permission in the export file.
  • While sending an email, if the invoice template created/updated by the user is removed from the system, user will no longer receive User not found error. 
Updated on February 1, 2024

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