10.5.1 Update (January 25, 2024)

Additional columns in T/E CSV export from matter, email limit, and more.


Time/Expense Export from Matter

In addition to the existing columns in the CSV export file for Time/Expense listing under Matter > Billing > Time/Expense, we have added the following columns to remain consistent with export from Activities. The additional columns include:

  • Import Identifier
  • Taxable
  • Cost Tax1 Rate
  • Cost Tax2 Rate
  • Fees Tax1 Rate
  • Fees Tax2 Rate
  • Invoice#
  • Notes
  • Invoice Date

Email Limit

Users without an active account will receive an error message warning them that they have exceeded their daily limit of emails when:

  • Emailing invoices 
  • Emailing invoice reminders 
  • Emailing retainer reminders 
  • Online trust retainer payment from matter actions


  • Editing timecards or costs in advanced settings to remove the tax percentage and saving the changes will now eliminate the tax and change  the tax percentage to 0.
  • When creating deposit slips using the option to Combine Check Payment Only, the entries that display will only be for check transactions.
  • User will be able to download the Financial Productivity Report by selecting any matter owner and using the option to group by Timekeeper.
Updated on January 29, 2024

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